Lynn Medical.


eCommerce Manager


eCommerce, Content Management, SEO, Graphic Design, Web Design, Print Design, Crystal Reports, Google Analytics, Amazon A+ Content, eBay Marketplace, Responsive Design, WordPress


2017 – 2020


My objective was to update their content on their existing eCommerce platform whil help create an entire new eCommerce paltform with their new ERP system. 

Out with the old, in with the new

As their eCommerce manager, I was tasked with updating their existing content through their current ERP system, creating a micro-site for used and refurbished ultrasound machines and working with new
developers to launch an entirely new eCommerce site built with
a new ERP system.

Lynn Medical is B2B with pricing behind a firewall (username
and password). Once a medical facility is granted access,
they can have full or limited access to Lynn Medical’s catalog.
Challenges included customer specific pricing, internal or
external hosting with APIs linked to the ERP system as well as
updated content and imagery. I worked closely with developers
and manufacturers to make sure Lynn Medical could provide the
best user interface for B2B, and the best customer experience
for quickly purchasing routine medical products.

Along with creating and maintaining their eCommerce sites, I
create an intranet site for sales and customer service. The intranet
stores company policies, manuals and product imagery, as well
as contests and a company calendar.