Grey Owl Creative.


Owner, Freelance


eCommerce, Content Management, SEO, PPC Ads, Social Marketing, Email Marketing, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Web Design, Print Design, UTM Tracking, Google Analytics, Consulting, Videography, Photography, Responsive Design, WordPress, Joomla


2015 – 2021
(Still accepting freelance work on occasion personally)


I started my own company to provide local businesses an easy way to have an online presence. 

Am I really about to do this?

I used eCommerce platforms such as BVCommerce, Opencart, WooCommerce, Shopify and Magento as well as WordPress for CMS. Combined with designing and maintaining each client’s website, PPC advertising and SEO management was also a priority.

I managed multiple clients’ analytic platforms as well as digital marketing through multiple social networks, Google Ads and A/B testing.

With managing and executing multiple clients, I grew my expertise and knowledge of small business management. This allowed my skillset to grow in understanding small business needs and requirements.

All hosting and domain management was maintained by myself.