The work

Unfortunately, in mid-2017, MedSupplier Corporation decided to close their business. However, I have a development site still up and running to showcase's functionality and customer experience. is an e-commerce website that sells medical equipment and supplies to the healthcare industry. I created and launched the site in 2003. The site had an immediate impact and created a huge buzz in the healthcare industry.’s overall objective was to change the way healthcare professionals purchase their equipment and supplies online. My goal was to always innovate and adapt to the latest trends. has changed on a variety of platforms and themes. Originally launched on Miva Merchant, it has changed platforms from BV Commerce to OpenCart. Utilizing banners, carousels and sliders to showcase products, I helped gain over 4 million dollars in sales per year.

As many more healthcare suppliers created e-commerce stores, many manufacturers worried about black market sales. Many adopted a MAP (minimum advertised price) policy which affected the point click and buy experience. Furthermore, exam room furniture complicated the user experience due to shipping costs and different freight delivery methods at checkout. While working directly with developers, I created solutions to ease manufacturers’ concerns while still engaging the customer base to have the best point click and buy user experience online.

Services Provided

  • Branding
  • Web Design
  • Content Management
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Google Analytics
  • Google AdWords
  • Email Marketing
  • Strategic Planning

Responsive Design

Content, design and performance are necessary across all devices to ensure usability and satisfaction.

With the recent boom in mobile and tablet devices, I created the theme to be fully responsive to fit the view-port of virtually any device, eliminating the need for separate themes or sub domains like other e-commerce websites. I used HTML5 and CSS3 to create a standard and consistent user experience.

The Challenge

Product options and shipping

Along with selling medical supplies and equipment, sells exam tables and furniture. Most exam tables and furniture have unique upholstery and color options. Presenting these options to the customer to easily order the product became a challenge. I worked closely with developers to come up with a solution that provided a responsive customer experience to allow customers to point click and buy products that had more complex options.

Most tables and furniture are overweight. Shipping a 400lb product is not an easy task done with UPS or FedEx. Most overweight products need to be shipped by a freight carrier. Most competitors would require customers to call for a shipping quote. To continue the point, click and buy experience, I worked with a developer to connect to the freight carrier's API to return a custom shipping rate in the shopping cart. Special delivery options were also available, such as liftgate, inside and white glove delivery for an additional charge. This helped the company twofold: first, customers did not have to call in for a quote, and second, it allowed customer service to focus on other tasks.

The Challenge

Customer Abandonment Rate

Each industry has varying customer abandonment rates. had a high customer abandonment rate due to MAP policies, pricing and a variety of other issues.

I provided a list of solutions including discount codes, modal popups, abandonment cart emails and other tweaks to the functionality and customer experience related to the site.

First, I added a coupon code for new customers to use at checkout. When a customer would leave the viewport of the site, a modal popup would display on the screen offering the customer the discount code to use at checkout.

I also implemented an abandonment cart extension. If any customer entered in an email address at checkout, it would log that customer and send them an email with their cart details and a coupon code to use at checkout.

The Challenge

Content Management has access to over 50,000 products. I was responsible for creating and maintaining products on and off the site. Content management included product images, prices, descriptions along with other elements to help sell the product. I worked with developers to allow bulk updates via an excel document. As sales and traffic grew, MedSupplier Corp needed a fulltime content manager. I managed the content manager with their day to day activities.

Another challenge with content management was to have unique content. Each competitor has access to the same manufacturer information. To make stand out from competitors, I rewrote most descriptions to be SEO friendly and unique to the site. This was a major benefit as search engine rankings soared over the competition.